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Ben Liebrand - In the Mix [#001] - 1983-04-02

Ben Liebrand - In the Mix [#001] - 1983-04-02

This Saturday one Time Again to The 30 Years of In The Mix

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This is the first In The Mix episode ever, broadcasted on the night of April 1st, so actually in the first hours of April 2nd 1983, from a studio at the NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Organization) , very much like this one. Mixed on 2 SL1200's to a 2 track Revox B77 with Studer butterfly heads. Prior to being allowed to play my BASF911 38cm/s tape, my overall quality and technical standard was checked by NOS quality control to see if they met the broadcast standard.My black coated BASF tape really stood out amongst NOS standard Agfa tape that had a pink colored back coating. So it was immediate apparent that it was not made at the NOS facilities.Broadcasting my mixes on NOS equipment by NOS personnel thus required a special written exception informing the technicians about this bending of the strict NOS rules.Furthermore, at 38cm/s a full hour did not fit on a single hub (reels are not used) and so the technician on duty had to crossfade seamlessly from one tape to the other. A marker sticking out above the tape marked the moment where tape 2 should be started giving the technician another 4 or 5 minutes to make the crossfade once the music ran in sync. What can I say, Oldskool!

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