Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Ben Liebrand - In The Mix on Frasercoast. Fm Australien

Ben Liebrand now in Australia with " In The Mix "

Ben have Shiped The "In The Mix Show" to Down Under in Australia Qsl to the Radio Staition

Every Friday A continuous Top Class One Hour Nonstop Dance Mix experience Made by the Undisputed Pioneer in Dance Mixing, Ben Liebrand.

At 21:00 at Australiatime and at 9.00 am in Europe you can hearing The Mixes From Ben in Australia 

On Facebook had as a Page From This Coup

Here The Time in Austalia

Here The Online radiostaition from Australien 

Here The Programm 

Here Samples From In The Mix Australia the Beginning of The Show

Here The Middel of The Show

Here The End of The In The Mix Show

So have Fun

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